• Project Catalysis

    In 1997 BILC and EEDA opened Catalysis, employing some of the young people from the housing projects to staff and manage a full time drop in service. The project featured a Medical Doctor, a Psychologist and a restaurant/coffee bar that provided nutritious subsidized food. In addition there was counselling, help with housing and employment and small business development. With no other provision of this kind in the city of Bucharest, large numbers of young people took advantage of the Catalysis program. The restaurant at Catalysis provided food to some of Bucharest's neediest young people and helped direct them to the project's housing, counselling, medical and employment services. In addition, the project offered a full time Romanian GP practice that provided GP visits to orphanages and a walk-in treatment service at Catalysis that did not require bribes for medical attention. With referral arrangements to secondary care it provided a much needed service to young people. Arising from a rolling program of external evaluation, the Catalysis drop in project was accessed by hundreds of young people in Bucharest and deemed to be a very successful approach to working with young people in need.

    The New Catalysis Learning from the invaluable experience of running the original Catalysis project, EEDA and BILC are now embarking upon an all new Catalysis service. This new project will focus on providing primary health care project in a deprived area of Bucharest that suffers from poor public health. The project will offer a General Practitioner Family Doctor and a counselling service. It will also offer a healthy eating project serving nutritious food and give classes in 'Cooking on a budget for a healthy lifestyle' to local people. The project will also offer access to a women's refuge and help with housing related issues. The Catalysis Primary Health Care Project will promote community wellbeing and public health by taking services to areas that are hard to reach rather than assuming that people are hard to reach. The aim of Catalysis is to provide high quality primary care services to children and families.

    Primary Care and Counselling Initially the Catalysis Primary Care Project will be a service to local people linked to a single Family Doctor. This will be expanded dependent on need and the local register. Once the project is fully operational, the upper suite of offices will be expanded to provide additional training places, with links to other medical schools and Catalysis will offer international global health learning opportunities.


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